The Palestinian Museum to open on 15 May 2016

The Palestinian Museum

The Palestinian Museum

The Museum will connect Palestinians throughout historic Palestine and the diaspora

Ramallah (19/8/2015) – May 15, 2016 has been confirmed as the opening date for the Palestinian Museum.  The Museum, whose hub in Birzeit (25 km north of Jerusalem), is to act as a link between Palestinians in historic Palestine and those living in the diaspora. It will be dedicated to preserving and celebrating the culture, society and history of Palestine over the past two centuries.

The Museum’s director, Jack Persekian, has issued a general invitation to Palestinians living in historic Palestine and the diaspora to join with the Museum in producing and presenting new narratives of the Palestinian people, encompassing its history of dispersion, resistance, steadfast and hope.

The opening date coincides with the 68th anniversary of the Nakba, the watershed event that led to the displacement and dispossession of over 60% of the Palestinian population. According to Persekian, “The decision to open the Museum on the 15th of May is designed to underline the enduring importance of the Nakba to the Museum’s work”. The Museum, a flagship project of the Welfare Association (an independent non-profit organisation committed to providing development and humanitarian assistance to Palestinians), was first conceived of in 1998 as an institution that would commemorate the Nakba, documenting this tragedy and its pivotal role in recharting the course of modern Palestinian history. “Although this original concept has since been considerably modified,” Persekian added, “the Nakba still has a central role to play in the Museum’s work,”

“More than half of the Palestinian population currently resides in the diaspora, and what makes the Palestinian Museum different from any other institution of its kind is that it is located in Palestine, where many will be unable to reach it,” he went on to observe. “It is for this reason that its digital presence and international partnerships are so important. These networks and branches are the backbone of the Museum, and are just as important as its hub in Birzeit.”

“The Museum refuses to be constricted by geographical and political borders; rather, it is to be an institution capable of traversing such boundaries, and overcoming the obstacles to free movement faced by so many. To this end, it is working to establish a whole network of partnerships around it, as well as using its digital platforms and networks to connect with its publics wherever they are in the world,” Persekian added.

The Museum team is currently working out of temporary offices in Ramallah to prepare a full programme of exhibitions and projects, both within historic Palestine and in several other parts of the world, which will coincide with the opening of the physical Museum in May. Also underway is the establishment of a digital archive, and a series of educational programmes. These projects, all of which seek in different ways to challenge and diversify the prevailing Palestinian historical narratives, will be implemented via partnerships across major cities including: Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth, Gaza, Amman, Beirut, Dubai, London, San Diego, Santiago, and Cape Town.

36 thoughts on “The Palestinian Museum to open on 15 May 2016

  1. Great achievement that all Palestinians will be proud of. Can’t wait for its opening.
    Would like to be part of it….. In any form or way

    • Very true. sadly, people still think of creationist museums as real too. But Israel actually has evidence of its existence, while palestine is just a roman creation.

  2. “It will be dedicated to preserving and celebrating the culture, society and history of Palestine over the past two centuries.”

    Past two centuries ?

    You don’t have Three Centuries ? or 4 ? nothing ?

    This is a museum for all that is wrong with Anti semites attempting to rewrite history .

    • The lie is that people like you who hail from a different continent with absolutely no evidence or or any link to the region other than claims based on a stupid, brutal and colonial book, has brutally murdered, dispersed and terrorized a complete nation! Your history, if i have to refer to the old testament and or the talmudic teachings, is full of hatred and destruction! The whole world needs to know your vile nature but that isn’t hard, thanks to Israeli occupation and brutality!

      You need to stop lying as most of the “Jews” are not ethnically Jews! You cannot claim something which has never belonged to you!! You can go back to Romania or Poland and claim back your Stetl…

      • Shushu, when you say “go back to Poland”, we know you really mean “go back to Auschwitz”. Your true vile hatred is showing through, despite your best intentions to hide them.

        Sorry, but we are tired about being stepped on by the rest of the world. We will no longer be thrown around from one Country to the next, or live as dhimmis in the Arab world. We have one tiny Jewish state, you have the rest of the Arab and muslim word, some 50 + countries.

        We’re not asking for much. Just let us be in our little state and let us have peace, shalom, and salaam.

      • I meant go back to Poland. There is no “Auschwitz” there, as far as I know! Stop using this Holocaust card. It is not working. I am not anti-Semite, cause I am Semite! Israeli actions and its arrongance is the real danger to the Jews. I have many Jewish friends who do not aprove of what you are saying cause they are “human”. Israel’s actions has proven its true face. Enough lies. Palestinians are to stay, in “Israel” and the whole Occupied Territories. Whether you like it or not. You or your like have to embrace that and start treating Palestinians with a little bit of dignity. That’s all what I’m saying. No one likes to be treated the way Israel treats Palestinians. I have witnessed many many atrocities and injustices being inflicted on Palestinians by Israel. What you and Zionist zealots seem to forget is that this conflict and your actions are consuming everyone, including Israelis.

        You will not find peace if you avoid life!

  3. This place sucks Nazi’s ass. Another platform to preach others to kill the jews.
    And don’t be smartass saying that your problem is against Israel and not necessarily jews, because supporting Palestine is encouraging Hamas to kill people.
    I hope that you’ll make a museum for the children of Syria too you pathetic Nazi hypocrites.

    Long live Israel forever and shove a Palestine flag up your bleeding anus

  4. Another place to brainwash people against jews.
    Way to go, you’re all so peaceful and kind 🙂

  5. In order for this museum to be accurate it needs to start with the story of the REAL palestinians.


    It all started back in 70CE…..

  6. Until 70CE the land was solely referred to as Eretz Yisrael. The Romans called it Palestine with the destruction of the 2nd of the Jewish temple and exile of majority of the Jews.

    We are the indigenous people called palestinian. The JEWS.

    • Jews had to have been living in the land for at least 3500 years, long before the name “palestine” was ever dreamed of, and long before any Arab ever set foot on this land.

  7. All you have a family photos, No history of a country called Palestine, and PLEASE dont forget the most famous picture of them all your Mufti with Hitler.

  8. Too bad the haters have so much time on their hands and they are not interested in learning anything about reality. Maybe when the museum opens you all want to go for a visit to get educated about reality. Or, you can continue to wallow in your cognitive dissonance and denial. One-secular state with equal rights for all!!!! It is time to end this failed Zionist experiment and go back to the days when Muslims, Christians, Jews and Druze lived together as cooperative friends and neighbors. Salaam.

    • “One-secular state with equal rights for all!!!!” Except that ‘palestine’ is to be free of Jews, and non-muslims are second class citizens. Christians are persecuted as well. Gays are executed. Laws on the books in the PA call for the penalty for anyone who sells real estate to a Jew.

      Yea, that’s equal!

      • Wait, you have a problem with Muslim discrimination of all other people? How dare you! Just because the Muslim savages travel throughout the world slaughtering millions of innocents including their own does not make them bad. Shame on you!

    • Does Muslim terrorism that slaughtered over a million people across the world over the past few years surprise you? It doesn’t surprise me since you savages still live in the 7th century.

  9. How can I contribute to your work with old posters and pictures from my archive. It’s from 1975.

      • This is my email

        Best regards On 31 Aug 2015 09:49, “The Palestinian Museum” wrote:

        > The Palestinian Museum commented: “Dear Mohammad. Please send us a private > email with your contact details and we will get in touch. We are very > interested. Thank you”

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  11. So, will this museum have an Easter bunny and Santa Claus exhibits along with the Fakeastinian rewritten history of how they magically appeared in the land of Israel with the 7 dwarfs?

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