Contact us

The Palestinian Museum
Non-Profit Organization.
Our purpose is to raise Palestine’s voice high for all to hear. Opening in 2014.

5 al-Sahel st., Box 101, Ramallah, Palestine
t: +972 [2] 297 4797
f: +972 [2] 297 4795
facebook: The Palestinian Museum
twitter: @palmuseum

3 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hello there,

    I currently reside in Dubai. Though I am Canadian, my partner is Palestinian and many of my closest friends are as well. What is your plan with connecting the museum to Dubai and how can I be of assistance to you?

    I am a Partner and Project Manager for a company called the [sameness] project. We aim to “erase the lines” that separate us, to recognize our shared humanity.

    I’m delighted to hear about what you are doing, and would love to support you if needed.

    Fiona Hepher

  2. I think what you are doing is marvellous and it won’t be long before you succeed where The Leader didn’t, he was doing so well and he was stopped by the Western Jewish-Bolsheviks. But now, appealing to people’s misplaced charity is how we will win and soon the whole world will, as the Leader intended, be JudenFrei
    Yes, we do have the Internet here, and this place is also JudenFrei, as you will know when you finally arrive, and hopefully I will see you soon!

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